For those who are passionate about dice betting, love the sound of shaking, shock, etc., disc jockey is a game not to be missed. Unlike the discus at other bookies, Fun88 equips the disc with the extremely attractive Thunder Bonus feature.

Let’s discover how to play poker from A to Z with Fun88 right in the article below.
How to play dice at the Fun88 house?
Poker at the house Fun88 is known as a betting game that combines over and out and even parity. Accordingly, each game of disc shocks will use 4 coins including 2 sides to shock. The player’s task is to predict and choose the corresponding bet. If the result matches the prediction, the player wins the bet.

Discover Fun88’s Thunder Bonus feature
The Thunder Bonus symbol will appear in 1 of 8 slots on the player’s table before the results are announced. If this symbol lands on the bet box and the player wins, you will receive a much higher bonus than the winnings.
Some popular lottery bets at fun888 asia
The dice game table at the Fun88 house will have 8 bets corresponding to 8 different bets. Each bet will also have different winning odds.
Even bet: Means the player will bet on 2 or 4 coins of the same color.
Odds: Means betting on 2 or 3 coins of the same color.
Big bet: Bet on 3 or 4 coins of the same red color.
Under bet: Player bets on 3 or 4 coins of the same white color.
Combination of white and red bets: Players will bet on 3 red 1 white or 3 white 1 red.
All Red or White: Bet on 4 coins that all have the same red or white color.
Specific odds of winning are as follows:
If you choose over-under or even-even bet: Win the bet at 1:0.95 and reward x1.1 when Thunder Bonus appears.
White and red combination bet: Win with odds of 1 to 2.7. Bonus x3.5x when there is a Thunder Bonus.
All red or white bet: Win at odds of 1: 13.5. Special bonus up to x20 when there is Thunder Bonus.
Instructions for playing poker at the Fun88 bookie
Log in to the player’s account.
Select on the list bar the 3D CASINO section > select Vietnamese Game > select Xoc disc 2 game .
Select “Enter the lobby” , place a bet and wait for the results!
Discover more Fun88 online casino games ! Wish players have a great experience when participating in betting at Fun88.

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